On Saturday, 05.11.2022, regional wine fair called “Regionala” was held at Metropol Palace hotel in Belgrade. Wineries from region present their wines made out of indigenous grape varieties. Event attracted lot of attention and many people visited. Our vinery presented itself with Severna Morava, Probus 276 and white and red Aksiom, both blends with dominantly indigenous grape varieties.

Tom Gretić Loves apples

On Saturday, 29.10.2022, our most dear guest chef Tom Gretić did it again. This time he paired our two loves, wine and apples. He designed complete menu with several different varieties of apples, prepared differently to complement each dish, and then we combined that with our lovely wines. We had tuna sashimi with Granny Smith apples and our sparkling “The”, grilled salmon with curry and Red delicious apples, paired with Severna Morava, grilled duck with golden delicious and Chardonnay classic, slowly roasted pork belly with baked Gala apples and Pinot Noir and for the finale, sweet apple pie with Braeburn apples and late harvest Gewurztraminer. Our many guests enjoyed great entertainment until late night. We can’t wait to do it again.

Magnificent Tom Gretić is back

On Friday, 23.09.2022, our dear guest, international star chef, Tom Gretić, held another food and wine pairing dinner. We enjoyed his simple, yet powerful creations, and once again he showed us how simple, everyday ingredients can be combined in a wonderful dish. Deurić wines found their perfect match in Tuna tartare, Seabass filets with boletus sauté, slowly cooked pork belly with white bean paste and beetroots, rack of lamb with celeriac puree and chocolate mousse. We also presented our brand-new wine, late harvest of Gewurztraminer. We had well deserved good time.

New Wine school

On Sunday, 11.09.2022 we held another wine school at our winery. We learned about history of wine, production, wine tasting and proper service and many more things. Atmosphere was fantastic, crowd was cheerful, as always when it comes to wine. New date for wine school is going to be in October. Follow us for more info. Cheers.

Gold medals at Open Balkan Wine Trophy 2022

An Open Balkan Wine Trophy 2022 was held during the Wine Vision by Open Balkan fair, held from 01-04.09.2022. Our winery won three gold medals for Sauvignon Blanc 2019, Chardonnay Classic 2020 and Chardonnay Barrique 2017. Judges were very high positioned and famous names in world of wines, some of which are Stevan Rajta, and Caroline Gilby, Master of Wine and member of famous world wine magazine “Decanter”, specialized for east European wine regions.

Wine vision by Open Balkan:

A regional wine fair “Wine vision by Open Balkan” has started on 01.09.2022 on Belgrade Fair. With over 500 exhibitors out of which almost 300 are wineries from Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, this fair is definitely going to attract a lot of visitors and media attention. Never before wine fair this big was held in Balkan region. With help form national wine societies, organization was smooth. We are once again witnessing how wine is making bonds, spreading love and erasing international boundaries. Deurić winery is situated in hall 1 of Belgrade fair.

Wine Park 2022 @ Sremska Mitrovica

A spectacular wine event was held at Sremska Mitrovica city park on Saturday, 27.08.2022. Crowd was cheerful, wine was plenty with more than 100 wineries from whole of Serbia. Aside from wine, guests could taste local cheese and selection of charcuterie. There was also party going on until late night hours. Atmosphere was great, wine was even better. Deurić winery presented “estate” wine selection and our Aksiom premium line. Temperature was summer hot, and Gewürztraminer and sauvignon Blanc offered much needed refreshment, together with our Urban Rose.


In the mid-august we have picked hand selected Chardonnay grapes for our sparkling wine “The”. Wine is made in traditional “champagne” method.


It takes 4 years for wine to age and get ready for market, but in the meantime we have harvest of 2018 on the market.


Visit our web shop and order "The" 2018 here!


Dear friends, fans of our wines and our work - we have just received very important awards from the prestigious Decanter wine competition.

Congratulations to all of our other colleagues and wineries on winning their awards. Only together can we represent Serbia more beautifully and better. Cheers.

at Deurić Winery.


At this year's Wine salon at Kragujevac, by and the Center for the Development of Wine Tourism, we were awarded for the Greatest contribution to Serbian wine tourism in 2021


We are glad to have a positive influence on the development of wine tourism in our country!


Marija Bojović, representative of our winery, was handed the plaque by Zoran Dragoljević. Many thanks to Zoran, the editorial staff of and the Center for the Development of Wine Tourism for this important charter.



The team of the editorial office at the end of 2020, delighted us with their selection of the best wine and the presence of the Deurić winery in numerous categories.

Princeps Probus was declared the best red wine in Serbia from indigenous varieties. We believe that the choice was not an easy one, but we are especially proud that the great probus took its place in many hearts.

Deurić Winery was also named the best young winery in 2020 and a winery with a big rise in 2021.

We have also achieved remarkable success in the field of wine marketing and made a great contribution to wine tourism.


The Nothern Morava, just like Probus, was born on Fruška gora, ie created at the Institute in Sremski Karlovci. It is the origin of the "northern", ie Fruska Gora Morava, and hence the symbolic name of the label. Having in mind that this is a domestic newly created variety and that a lot is expected from it on the market, we put special attention and focus on the production of grapes, and then on the production of Morava wine. We chose a slope in the eastern part of the property, made terraces, and planted a vineyard there. With a unique aroma, wonderful freshness, and serious fullness, this wine has already found its place on the wish list of true wine lovers.

Vinarija Deuric - Severna Morava
Vinarija Deurić, nove etikete


At the beginning of October, we prepared the premiere of our redesigned labels, which, according to wine journalists and experts, are quite minimalist, abstract but impressive enough. Inspired by the terroir and nature of Fruška gora, we used a wide range of vivid and cheerful colors, which will vividly describe the aroma of each of our bottles.


Despite, according to many criteria, an extremely difficult year, our wines have won numerous awards and recognitions at international competitions.

At Decanter, as the most prestigious international wine competition, three wines from the Deurić winery won medals:


1. Chardonnay classic 2018 - silver
2. Sauvignon blanc 2018 - bronze
3. Princeps Probus - bronze


In Sofia, at the BIWC competition, we won 6 medals.


1. Double gold- Probus 276
2. Silver -Aksiom, Chardonnay classic, Sauvignon blanc
3. Bronze – Chardonnay barrique I Gewurztraminer




The smell of red currants, cherry juice, and fresh pomegranate berries in the foreground. In the second rush, we get dried cranberries, dried plums, dark chocolate, fried sugar with vanilla, and finally spicy aromas. Extremely complex and layered wine. The taste continues in the same trend, with a fruity attack that we felt on the scent, with a touch of spices with chocolate-brown, a long finish. The body is full and round, so it rolls nicely on the palate. Strong and harmonious tannins that fit perfectly…


The third Gastronomic Cup ‘Golden Cauldron’ of Deurić winery has taken place, and goulashes were cooked by sommeliers from Vojvodina, hospitality workers and traders. It all started with a glass of fine apple brandy, and traditional Syrmian breakfast: bread, lard and warm cheese pie… Last Saturday, properly warmed up competitors, at exactly 10 AM started chopping onion and igniting fires below the cauldrons. The third Gastronomic Cup ‘Golden Cauldron’ of Deurić winery this year gathered as much as 9 teams, mainly consisting of sommeliers, members of the Vojvodina Sommeliers Association, plus a few teams composed of wine distributors, hospitality workers, and even vignerons themselves.

Mitar Deurić: Probus will be "The Prince of Fruška Gora"

An economist Mitar Deurić is the owner of Deurić winery from Mala Remeta, on Fruška gora, the best young winery of 2016 in the competition organized by He is also running one of the most significant exporters of apples in Serbia, and was a great water polo talent from the Water Polo Club ‘Partizan’, and ex-member of national team of Serbia and Montenegro. Mitar proudly presented his two latest wines: sparkling wine ‘The’ and a powerful red wine called ‘Probus 276’.


Flexible white sauvignon, explosive freshness, with fruity scents of yellow grapefruit, white vineyard peach, lemon, and green apricot. Floral tones, noble minerality, and notes of freshly cut grass appear in the background. In the mouth, rounded, aromatic, with a sumptuous acidity well integrated into the structure of the wine and a crunchy finish in which notes of yellow fruit and coriander leaves intertwine with gentle vanilla tones.


From June 13 to 15, 2019, Deurić Winery participated for the third time in the International Wine Festival "Interfest", the 16th in a row, Interfest is the first international gathering of winemakers organized in Serbia. Since 2004, it has gathered more than 200,000 visitors and wine houses from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France and other countries. In addition to the divine drink, visitors could also taste various delicacies. In addition to its regular wine offer, Deurić Winery presented all its beginners with its rich tourist offer. The greatest attention was certainly caused by Pinot Noir, which won a gold medal at the recently concluded Balkan wine competition.