Planted on specially selected plots for every variety, keeping in mind what style of wine we would like to produce.
In that manner, each variety displays its best characteristics, and wine gets a well-rounded and opulent taste.
In this region, wine grapes were cultivated for centuries, and wine is a drink being enjoyed by many generations. First written documents were from 3rd century, when Roman Emperor M.A. Probus Augustus planted first vineyards on the southern slopes of Fruška gora.
Situated on sunny, southern slopes of Fruška gora
at an altitude
of 250 m.
Later on Slavs continued traditions of growing wine grapes, and a special contribution towards preserving and further developing art of viticulture and winemaking had been made by the Serbian medieval monasteries; and their properties were a cornerstone of preserving and survival of viticulture, winemaking and cellar practices.