Fruška gora

the oldest national park in Serbia

An ancient island of the famous, mythical Panonian Sea, it was always an ideal place to enjoy and relax, for all genuine nature lovers.
Its richness consists of the various types of rocks - from the oldest magmatic to phyllite and limestone pinnacles as the most widespread.
Fruška gora represents a real treasury of the geological past, with very precious deposits of well-preserved fossils of flora and fauna, and it is often called ‘a mirror of the geological past.’
It is situated on the meeting point between moderate continental climate and sub-continental climate. Numerous factors such as a position, shape, rainfall, dominant winds, and lush vegetation do influence and create a specific local climate found in the entire Fruška gora region.
The average annual air temperature is
11.2° C
Lowest average annual air temperature in January is
–0.6° C
Highest average annual air temperature in July is
21.4° C