Chardonnay classic 2022

It is extremely fresh and fruity on the nose. The scent of ripe peach and green apple predominates, while the skillfully hidden pineapple, citrus, and vanilla come unobtrusively from the background. It is also fresh, crunchy, and fruity in the mouth, where the symphony of flavors continues with the aroma of mango, pineapple, and lime.

Pinot Noir 2022

Pinot Noir
A soft aroma of ripe red fruits, sour cherries in a chocolate, plums and cranberries, enriched with a noble tones of oak, Moka café, vanilla and toasting. The wine has a light body, it is savory, and with gentle and soft tannins. In the finish, ripe cherries and plums dominate, with notes of sweet spices.

Urban Rose 2023

Urban Rose
The complex wine with many layers, with notes of sour orange and a watermelon slice, followed by apricot, red currants and strawberries, with a clear flowery-herbal note. The wine is savory, with fine acids, and long aftertaste of aromas of fresh fruits with a touch of spicy, vanilla-led notes.

Gewurztraminer 2022


Golden yellow color with variety specific honey and floral aromas with hints of tropical fruit. Balanced acids and medium body offers pleasant medium lasting finish with floral and honey flavours.


Merlot 2019


At first contact with the wine Deurić Merlo 2018, we first encounter a lot of red, fresh fruit. Raspberry, strawberry and cherry dominate, and they are accompanied by vanilla stick and tea biscuits. In the mouth it is even more fruity, so here we are entertained by the mixture of red fruits and sweet spices. In the background we also feel some blackberry aromas with that irresistible vanilla again. The tannins are nice, tame and fun, which makes us enjoy them. Its finish is elegant and durable. Paired with grilled duck or lamb chops, it will give us exceptional gastronomic pleasure.

Sauvignon blanc 2023

Sauvignon blanc

A golden-yellow color with a discreet nuance of emerald green. It radiates a freshness of early morning in a mountain, or freshly cut wet grass, green paprika, or freshly picked asparagus and rucola. In the background we are attracted with a subtle citrusy note with soft notes of lavender. On the palate it is exceptionally fresh, with similar aromas like on the nose, and with a lingering aftertaste of lime that is slowly transforms in a pleasing minerality. It is full bodied with powerful acidity, yet in a fine balance with alcohols. This Sauvignon should be paired with strong and fatty cheeses, tomato and mozzarella salad with basil and olive oil, or with a good grilled fat red tuna steak.

Vinarija Deuric - Severna Morava

Severna Morava 2023

Severna Morava

Fresh, breezy and fragrant wine with the aroma of vineyard peach, ripe yellow apple and citrus. In the mouth, very delicious and juicy, and again I can taste peaches, lime, orange peel with a milleral herbaceous finish. A very complex and layered wine with beautiful persistent acids finely integrated into the story of Morava. A good match for this wine would be drunken carp on rice from the oven, caesar salad, or homemade gibanica with plenty of cream.

Aksiom crveni 2019

Probus, Merlot, Marselan, Pettit Verdot

Dark ruby color wine with fruity and jam aromas and hints of smoke. Medium to full body, with strong and ripe tannins, lively acids and long-lasting fruity finish.


Chardonnay Vintage 2019

On the nose there an intensive and ripe scents of mango, passion fruit, ripe nectarines, figs and candied lemon, plus hints of biscuit with butter, vanilla and roasted walnuts. On the palate savory, full-bodied, with a powerful fruity character and opulent freshness carrying long aftertaste with fruit, almonds, noble oak and fine notes of milky caramel.

"The" 2021


Sparkling white wine made out of Chardonnay grapes. Fine bubbles and golden yellow color. Fresh on the nose with aromas of yellow apples, toasted crumbles and wet bread. Lively acids, low on alcohol with medium body produces medium finish with lot of freshness and fruity flavour.

The penušavac

Probus 276 2021


Dark ruby red color with dominant fruity aromas and berries jam and hints of fennel, pepper and dry red paprika. Rich in tannins and with full body it offers fruity, medium lasting finish.

Aksiom beli 2020

Morava, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

Izuzetno sveže i mineralno vino, svetlo žute boje sa miriskom breskve, bagremovog meda, kompota od ananasa i belih šljiva na kraju. Ukus takođe svež i hrskav sa aromom žute jabuke, breskve i limete sa dugačkom mineralnom završnicom. Veoma dopadljivo vino srednjeg tela, odličnih kiselina i sa lepo ukomponovanim alkoholom.


Probus Princeps


The very sight of the intense, dark, purple-red color of this wine suggests its splendor and strength. Intense fruity scent that reveals chokeberry, cherry, blueberry and blackberry juice. Earthy notes, cocoa, noble cedar and sweet pipe tobacco open in the background. In the mouth, fresh, full body and rich structure with an abundance of quality, velvety tannins and characteristic acids. The final taste brings new layers of fresh red fruit and spicy notes that intertwine on the tongue for a long time. Available only at the winery.