Chardonnay classic 2020

It is extremely fresh and fruity on the nose. The scent of ripe peach and green apple predominates, while the skillfully hidden pineapple, citrus, and vanilla come unobtrusively from the background. It is also fresh, crunchy, and fruity in the mouth, where the symphony of flavors continues with the aroma of mango, pineapple, and lime.

Pinot Noir 2019

Pinot Noir
A soft aroma of ripe red fruits, sour cherries in a chocolate, plums and cranberries, enriched with a noble tones of oak, Moka café, vanilla and toasting. The wine has a light body, it is savory, and with gentle and soft tannins. In the finish, ripe cherries and plums dominate, with notes of sweet spices.

Urban Rose 2021

Urban Rose
The complex wine with many layers, with notes of sour orange and a watermelon slice, followed by apricot, red currants and strawberries, with a clear flowery-herbal note. The wine is savory, with fine acids, and long aftertaste of aromas of fresh fruits with a touch of spicy, vanilla-led notes.

Gewurztraminer 2019

Irresistible, yet subtle scent of fresh and fruity compote appears. It invokes memories of the grandmother’s pears compote and an open can of pineapples. In the next wave we feel aroma of Golden Delicious apples, and freshly cut mango. Thereafter, acacia flowers and juice made from elderberry tree blossoms, which give this wine a special character. The taste of wine is fruity and layered. Quince fruit preserve, walnut-stuffed apples, and finally roasted walnuts on butter make this symphony in a mouth truly complete. The wine has moderate alcohols, gentle and integrated with the lively acidity. The medium bodied wine with a long ending. Pair this wine with Chinese Szechuan chicken, blue cheeses, or home-made sausage with onion and apples on butter. Cheers!

Merlot 2018


At the first contact with the wine Deurić Merlo 2018, we first encounter a lot of red, fresh fruit. Raspberries, strawberries and cherries dominate, and they are accompanied by a vanilla stick and tea rings.
Even more fruity in the mouth, so here we are entertained by mixtures of red fruit and sweet spices. In the background, we can feel a bit of blackberry aromas with that irresistible vanilla again.
Tannins are nice, tame and fun that make us enjoy them.
Its finish is elegant and durable.
Paired with grilled duck or lamb chops, it will give us exceptional gastronomic pleasure.

Sauvignon blanc 2019

Sauvignon blanc

A golden-yellow color with a discreet nuance of emerald green. It radiates a freshness of early morning in a mountain, or freshly cut wet grass, green paprika, or freshly picked asparagus and rucola. In the background we are attracted with a subtle citrusy note with soft notes of lavender. On the palate it is exceptionally fresh, with similar aromas like on the nose, and with a lingering aftertaste of lime that is slowly transforms in a pleasing minerality. It is full bodied with powerful acidity, yet in a fine balance with alcohols. This Sauvignon should be paired with strong and fatty cheeses, tomato and mozzarella salad with basil and olive oil, or with a good grilled fat red tuna steak.

Vinarija Deuric - Severna Morava

Severna Morava 2020

Severna Morava

Fresh, fluttering and fragrant wine with the aroma of grape peach, ripe yellow apple and citrus. In the mouth it is very tasty and juicy and I can feel peach, lime, orange peel with a minerally herbaceous finish.
A very complex and layered wine with beautiful persistent acids finely blended into the story of Morava.
A good pair for this wine would be drunk carp on rice from the oven, Caesar salad, or homemade gibanica with a lot of cream.

Aksiom 2017

Probus, Merlot, Marselan, Pettit Verdot
Scents of red blackcurrants, juice made from sour cherries and pomegranates seeds at the forefront. In a second wave, dry cranberries, prunes, black chocolate, caramel with vanilla, and finally spicy aromas. This is an extremely complex and multi-layered wine. On the palate it continues in the same way, with the fruity attack we felt on the nose, with addition of spices with chocolate-coffee long lingering aftertaste. The body is full and rounded, so it rolls smoothly on the palate. Powerful and harmonious tannins are superbly integrated.

Chardonnay 2017

On the nose there an intensive and ripe scents of mango, passion fruit, ripe nectarines, figs and candied lemon, plus hints of biscuit with butter, vanilla and roasted walnuts. On the palate savory, full-bodied, with a powerful fruity character and opulent freshness carrying long aftertaste with fruit, almonds, noble oak and fine notes of milky caramel.

The 2018


The! Raskošni penušavac, postojanih aroma. U njegovu slojevitost uvešće Vas aroma jabuke, nakon koje će se smenjivati arome orašastih plodova i bogata puterasta završnica. Razigrani mehurići uvešće Vaša nepca u bogat svet ukusa i punoće sa dugom postojanom završnicom.

The penušavac

Probus 2019

A wine with deep dark red color with purple edges, intensively colored. Powerful, precise fruity scent where it is easy to recognize blue and red fruits: blueberries, blackberries and fresh blackcurrants. Fruity notes are coupled with scents of Moka and cacao. Full taste with opulence of fruity savoriness and freshens. Tannins are powerful and rounded, with a perfect structure. On the palate there are tastes of ripe black mulberries, forest fruits, black chocolate and Maraschino sour cherries. Wine that has an exceptionally lasting and long aftertaste.

Probus Princeps


The very sight of the intense, dark, purple-red color of this wine suggests its splendor and strength. Intense fruity scent that reveals chokeberry, cherry, blueberry and blackberry juice. Earthy notes, cocoa, noble cedar and sweet pipe tobacco open in the background. In the mouth, fresh, full body and rich structure with an abundance of quality, velvety tannins and characteristic acids. The final taste brings new layers of fresh red fruit and spicy notes that intertwine on the tongue for a long time. Available only at the winery.