Wine School

Occasionally or upon special request we organize Wine School. Our lecturer is certified sommelier, member of Serbian Sommelier Association, and longtime hospitality worker and lecturer. Wine school lasts for 4 hours and it is consisted of several modules. First, we start with our classroom lecture where we teach about history of wine, production, world famous grape varieties , types of bottles, proper glassware... Also, we teach about wine tasting methods and proper service which we practice by students opening wine bottles and serving each other. After that we teach about food and wine pairing, knowing how to properly read the wine list and we clarify the common misconceptions regarding wine. During our classroom part of the lecture, we open and taste 3 different wines. Later we tour the winery where we can see wine production in practice and discuss it. After that, lunch is organized in our restaurant where we taste another 3 types of wine. Every student receives a diploma upon finished course. By having a great time at our winery, we tend to make learning much easier and fun and we bring the wine world much closer to you.

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