Wine School

Our Wine School was led by a certified sommelier, training director and one of the lectures of the Vojvodina Association of Sommeliers. The course lasts 4 hours, and it is composed from a few segments. In a first part there is a lecture together with presentation and practical exercise, and it covers topics such as history of wine, grape varieties, and vinifications (a process of winemaking). The next part is a proper servicing of wine and selection of wine glasses, then food and wine pairing and sensory analysis, in other words how to use proper techniques for a wine tasting. During the lectures there are tastings of 3 labels (3 different wines). Thereafter, we shall tour our winery, wine cellar and barrique room. Then we have a lunch and tasting of another 3 labels (3 different wines). Each student will get a certificate about the successfully completed course - The Wine School. Learning and enjoying at the same place is indeed the best way to discover magic of wine.

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