has a modern production plant, which combines the best of both worlds: traditional and modern

The entire equipment was set up in a way to use natural gravity as much as possible, and reduce a usage of pumping devices, which is at the same tome the most subtle manner in which wine can be handled.

A modern approach towards the production is mirrored in using the equipment produced from the latest materials utilized in the wine industry; an absolute temperature control in all wines, control of oxygen presence, from the first arrival of grapes up to an opening of a bottle.

State-of-the-art technologies with respect for nature and grapes give our wines a specific character, which is a reflection of the best that the terroir of Fruška gora and Mala Remeta as micro-localities can offer.

The Wine Cellar

buried 8 meters below the earth's surface, it is a reflection of our desire to show our customers our strictly controlled and protected production

That is why our barrique cellar, where we control all vital parameters for wine maturation, is separated by a glass wall from the winery visitors. In that manner, we are depicting an authentic atmosphere of a cellar, and protect wine from the external influences. All wines are placed in selected barrique barrels made from French oak, and a style of wine dictates specific nuances of various barrels we use in the wine production.

As a part of our cellar, there are two tasting rooms, where our visitors may enjoy in premium wines of our winery.